Parent Teacher Club


Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

Our Parent Teacher Club (PTC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization established to benefit the students at Catheryn Gates Elementary School. Any parent, teacher or staff member can join the PTC. The goal of the PTC is to bring parents, teachers and staff members together to improve and enhance our children’s school experience.  We meet once a month and free childcare is always provided.  The primary goal of Catheryn Gates PTC is to raise funds for many of our school needs.  We fill in the gap for our children where public funding falls short such as, classroom supplies, library books, assemblies, and updating technology.  We have an outstanding school with great resources.  

All other activities are simply family events.  The nominal cost to you is designed to cover some of the costs of the event itself.

Please check out our Gates PTC Facebook page.

Getting Involved Makes a Difference

You are probably asking, O.K. what am I getting myself into?  We are all busy parents with mounds of other commitments, so here’s the deal.  We understand that things come up unexpectedly, because we have been there.  So don’t be afraid to sign up to volunteer, we are a forgiving group of people and are all willing to fill in when needed.  We would be grateful for whatever time you can offer, even if it is just an hour at home to staple papers.  Along with providing valuable services to our school, we always manage to have a great time.  Please see the attached volunteering form to donate your time.